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Semester Internship in Education

Semester Internship in Education

The semester program in Spanish Language and Culture include the option to take an Internship in Education

There are two different settings to the course: 1) a local primary and/ or secondary school, where students will weekly observe one or several classes of English as a second language, Spanish language, or some other subject, and will teach several classes of English as a second language weekly as well (approx. 3 hours per week); and 2) the university, where students will meet with the course instructor in order to comment on their observations, teaching practice, readings, etc. (approx. 15 hours).


  • Help students to think of the processes involved in the teaching and learning of English as a second language, Spanish as students’ mother tongue, or other subjects taught in Spanish or English in a Spanish primary and/or secondary school.
  • Enable them to identify the teaching procedures (such as the interaction between teacher and students and among students themselves) observed in the classroom and think about their justification and effect.
  • Encourage them to develop the ability to internalize the results of their observation and teaching in order to be able to apply them in their future teaching career.