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Academic transcripts

Once your Program in Bilbao is over, the General Secretariat at the University of Deusto usually issues an official academic transcript, which includes the following information: first and last name, passport number, country of origin, home University, courses taken, number of hours per course, number of credits, and grades earned.

A copy of your academic transcript from the University of Deusto will be sent via regular mail to your personal mailing address, and a second copy will be sent to your home university (to the address you provided us with on your preregistration documents) approximately on the following dates:

  • Fall Program (September-December): on the following month of February
  • Spring Program (January-May): on the following month of July
  • Summer Program: on the following month of September

If you need to request any additional transcripts, please contact us and we will inform you about procedures and cost:

Coming back to Spain

If your experience in CIDE was good, you might wish to come back to Spain to keep studying, teach English... If that is your case, here are some tips:


University of Deusto:

o Discounts for alumni in CIDE Programs:

If you have participated in a CIDE "Spanish Language & Culture" or "Business, International Relations & Spanish" Program and you wish to participate in one of them again, you can benefit from the following discounts off Program fees:

  • If you come back for a Summer Program: $500 off
  • If you come back for a Semester Program: $1000 off

o Program for Teachers of Spanish:

If you have decided to become a professional Spanish teacher, you might be interested in our Summer Course in Language and Culture for Spanish Teachers.

o Graduate Programs at the University of Deusto:

The University of Deusto offers a variety of master and graduate programs.



  • The Spanish Education Office to the U.S. (Ministry of Education, Social Policy, and Sports) offers you the chance to come back to Spain for a year as an English language and culture assistant in a school. Access the information.
  • If you are currently doing some research related that needs to be developed in Spain, you might want to try to apply for a Fulbright Fellowship. For information about requirements and procedures, you can check the Fulbright website.


Keeping in touch


In CIDE we are creating new channels to communicate with our alumni:




SCHOOL OF HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCESAvda. de las Universidades 2448007 Bilbao, EspañaTel.: (+34) 94 413 90
Office hours:
Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 2:00pm and from 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm
NATIONALITY EXAMS: DELE, CCSEAvda. de las Universidades 2448007 Bilbao, EspañaTel.: (+34) 94 413 90
Office hours:
Monday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Wednesday and Friday from 09:00am to 1:00pm



After the program ends in Bilbao, General Secretary of the University of Deusto will issue your official transcript. Also, if your experience in CIDE has been good, it is very possible that you intend to return to Spain to continue your studies here.