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Language & Culture - Summer Program

Bilbao campus

General information

Summer 2017 Program: (Calendar)

Program starts: June 22nd.

Program ends: July 27th.

Other important dates:

  • Departure from the U.S.A.: June 21st.
  • Arrival in Madrid: June 22nd.
  • Arrival in Bilbao: June 24th.
  • First day at university: June 26th.
  • Holiday (no class): July 25th.
  • Last day for students to leave the Residence Hall or family: July 28th.


Venue: University of Deusto-Bilbao (Spain).

Description: Spanish language and culture program.

Crédits: Recommended maximum: 7 US Credits/11 ECTS.

Addressees: students that are older than 18. GAP year students and students under 18, please contact CIDE.