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Citizenship certificates - CCSE & DELE

In October 2015, two new laws go into effect that modify the requirements to qualify for Spanish citizenship. Among other requirements, both laws call for a pass mark on the exams designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute: DELE Spanish diploma (level A2 or higher) and Test on constitutional and sociocultural aspects of Spain-CCSE.

* Minors and persons under guardianship are exempt from the two exams. Persons who have citizenship in countries or territories where Spanish is the official language are exempt from the DELE (exam determining command of the language).

For further information, check the Minister of Justice website.

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Test on constitutional and sociocultural aspects of Spain-CCSE (this exam demonstrates candidates' knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and aspects of Spanish culture and life)

The Knowledge test on Spanish Constitution, Society and Culture (CCSE, in Spanish) is conducted by the Cervantes Institute. It consists of 25 closed-ended answer questions, 15 of which must be answered correctly. Sixty per cent of the questions are on matters regarding the Spanish government, law and citizenship, and the remaining 40% is on Spanish culture, history and society.


Registration and payment for exam (85 euros) must be made online at the Cervantes Institute website:

Registration entitles candidates to sit two exam sessions, both at the same center. If the certificate is not obtained in the first sitting, candidates will have a second opportunity to sit the test within the 18 months after the first sitting, without having to pay another fee.



  • Exam venue: University of Deusto (Bilbao and San Sebastian campuses).
  • Price: 85 €.
  • Exam dates:
    • June 29th, 2017 (Registration deadline: June 8th)
    • September 28th, 2017 (Registration deadline: September 7th)
    • October 26th, 2017 (Registration deadline: October 5th)
    • November 30th, 2017 (Registration deadline: November 9th)
  • More information: 944139092 /


Once the test has been made, the Cervantes Institute will publish the results and will inform each candidate by email, within approximately 20 days. Candidates have one month from the publication of the results to submit a request for exam revision, if required.

Candidates can have access to their electronic certification for the CCSE test in their private area at: This Digital Certificate has an official character, as it is electronically signed by the Cervantes Institute. This certificate is valid for 4 years.

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DELE Spanish Diploma

DELE Spanish diploma, level A2 or higher (exam which demonstrates command of the Spanish language):

  • Registration to sit the exam at the University of Deusto: registration procedure is exclusively online:
  • Exam venue: University of Deusto (San Sebastian and Bilbao campuses).
  • Price: 124 € (2016/2017 examination calls).
  • Upcoming Examination Calls:
    • July, 2017: July, 14th (Bilbao Campus)
    • September, 2017: September, 15th
    • October, 2017: October, 13th (Bilbao Campus)
    • November, 2017: November, 25th

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