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Business & Spanish - Summer Program

Bilbao campus

Courses and visits to companies

  • International Business (3 US Credits/ 5 ECTS):
    The aim of this course is to analyze marketing, communication and business strategies at a practical level. It offers an approach to Spanish economy and market through examples from the Bilbao business area, where the University of Deusto is located. The course includes some visits to companies in order to offer students the chance to get to know different business models of financial development in the areas of production, services, and public institutions. (Taught in English)
  • Spain's Society and Economy in the European Union (3 US Credits/ 5 ECTS):
    This course offers an introduction to Spanish culture so that students can become familiar with the social, economic and political structures of Spain today. It will focus on different aspects which make Spain both appealing and richly varied. The course includes guided academic visits to various sites of special interest in Northern Spain, particularly in the Basque Country, a dynamic area in the field of business. (Taught in English)
  • Spanish for Business and International Relations (3 US Credits/ 5 ECTS):
    The goal of the course is to help students improve their communication skills in the area of business and international relations. The material to be used in the course specifically addresses the use of the language in the different professional fields. The communicative approach (both oral and written) will be used in the classroom. (Taught in Spanish.)
  • Spanish Language in Context (3 US Credits/ 5 ECTS):
    To take advantage of their stay in Spain, the students can take Spanish language courses:

Visits to companies

The academic program is complemented by guided visits to companies or institutions. These visits are open to all Business, International Relations and Spanish Summer Program students.

Some of the companies and institutions visited in the previous Summer Programs: